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Circle Of Wonder : Winter Solstice 1.0




This has been calling me for many years and now it the time for me to share this, 

A circle. A circle of wonder. A women’s circle to help us heal and invite us to rise.

As we enter the darkness, now is the time to honour our own light. A time to welcome our voices and speak our truth. To form a sisterhood that heals and invites our growth. 

For there to be peace for Mother Earth, women need to heal.

We must recognise our truest truth

And join in circle. 

A circle of wonder. A place for for us to step into the power of our healing. 

I am stepping into the power of my own healing and creating a circle of healing and wonder and to invite others to step into their power and heal. 

Each month we will meet. We will breathe, we will create space, we will heal and we will lead from our hearts.  

Those who respond to the calling will receive access to a healing community, to allow us to rebalance the selfless energy that we as women hold in own DNA

When that balance is in place, we can invite in the truest forms of healing that will allow us to move from a place of truth and then beyond, beyond our wildest imaginations

Women need to heal 

When we heal, we step into a place of power 

We start with us.

Join from as little as £11.11 for each circle.

We will launch on the 21st December and there are limited spaces for those who are drawn to this calling.

You are the way, the truth and the light.