Cosmic Sound Bath : Cancer Season


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6.30 – 8PM

Join me for a cosmic sound bath to let it all flow..

Explore how the watery nature of Cancer, infused with my magical sound offering of bowls, gong and beyond, enhances the season’s emphasis on emotional well-being and divine intuition.

As a water sign, Cancer is deeply connected to emotions, intuition and the subconscious mind. The influence of the water element can be felt in several ways:

Emotional Depth:  We may become aware of heightened emotions with greater awareness of the feelings of others.

Intuition and Inner Knowing:  A time of introspection, trusting gut feelings and exploring our inner world.

Connection to the Past:  During Cancer season, there is an opportunity to reflecting on personal history, healing our tenured wounds and honouring our family traditions.


What to bring :

A mat and blanket / cushioning for beneath you. This reduces the rustling sounds that can occur from a yoga / Pilates mat if you move throughout the session

A blanket / duvet for over you. The more items, the merrier

Optional extras :

A notepad, altar items, crystals, a pen or pencil to note down any rising thoughts, feelings or intentions

Please avoid bringing any items that create noise to allow the space to remain as intended

How to dress :

Cosy and snuggly. Bring an extra layer as the body can cool when receiving healing. PJs are VERY welcome


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