Gong Bath


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8.15 – 9.30 PM

Join me to celebrate my monthly offering of sound magick for the full moon with my Paiste and Meinl gongs.

A harmonious depth of somatic sounds that draw you into a vibrational cocoon of healing.

A gathering of gong, chime and drum, inviting you to bathe in the waves of the deep sounds that I will create for you.

Each person will receive a blessing of peace oil and a bag of my hand blended herbal tea to take home.

Join me for an evening of magick.


What to bring :

A mat and blanket / cushioning for beneath you. This reduces the rustling sounds that can occur from a yoga / Pilates mat if you move throughout the session

A blanket / duvet for over you. The more items, the merrier

Optional extras :

A notepad, altar items, crystals, a pen or pencil to note down any rising thoughts, feelings or intentions

Please avoid bringing any items that create noise to allow the space to remain as intended

How to dress :

Cosy and snuggly. Bring an extra layer as the body can cool when receiving healing. PJs are VERY welcome

Please note there are no refunds of transfers for these events once your purchase is complete