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New Moon in Aquarius Sound Bath 07.02


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7th February 20:15
Earls Colne Village Hall


Join me for a sound journey that invites the celebration of intention and gentle action.

A combination of drums, bowls and chimes to guide the soul through an invitation to shift and soothe.

February’s lunation will see a new moon in Aquarius, bringing a fresh energy from the cosmic skies.

This New Moon is a gentle time to plant seeds and set intentions, honouring the celebration of Imbolc. We move and act with awareness, we are gentle with ourselves and ultimately, we do not place pressure upon ourselves.

Aquarius is ruled by the water bearer, which is a symbol for healing and transmuting. The water bearer holds space not just for the self, but for the entire world. When we heal, the world heals. When the world heals, so do we.


What to bring :

A mat and blanket / cushioning for beneath you

A blanket / duvet for over you

Optional extras : notepad, altar items, crystals, a pen or pencil for your intention cards*

Please avoid bringing any items that create noise to allow the space to remain as intended

How to dress :

Cosy and snuggly. Bring an extra layer as the body can cool when receiving healing. PJs are VERY welcome.

*what’s an intention card? You’ll have to book in to find out.