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New Moon Women’s Circle 11.1


New Moon in Capricorn Women’s Circle

11.1 20:00


Our monthly portal reopens for the New Moon in Capricorn on the 11th January at 8PM

Under this lunation we invite the celebration of intention and ritualisation of our planning and dreaming.

Now is the time to create, but within a passive embrace. We are journeying through Winter and it is a time to honour softness still.

Everything you desire for the year ahead already resides within you today. We nurture the self within this time to allow a true celebrated birth at Spring Equinox.

Join me in circle under the dark moon to visualise and set intentions. To be present to the opportunities ahead and celebrating our journey.

We will breathe, we will tap, we will bathe in waves of sounds and rhythms that speak to our soul bodies.

We are the way, the truth and the light