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Mellow Flow

My weekly in-person offering that will allow you to ease into a slow and mellow vinyasa flow.

Connect, stetch and discover those sweet feel good vibes.


Circle Of Wonder

Monthly Women’s Circle of Healing + Peace

An online portal that collectively raises our vibration and elevates our hearts through healing and love, within a sisterhood like no other 


Gong Baths

Monthly gong baths for each full moon of the Zodiac.

Bathe in the frequency waves of elemental and planetary gongs.


Crystal Bowl Sound Bath

Zodiac infused sound baths for the new moon.

Bathe in the orchestral styled waves of crystal bowls, chimes, tibetan bowls and ocean drums.



On Demand Membership

Eclectic library of pre-recorded yoga, meditation and sound baths

Gain access to all sessions

Stay a member to see new content every month


Feel Good | Sleep Better | Find Peace


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