Sound Journeys

Sound healing is my harmonious fusion of a lifetime of sound work, blended with a spiritual healing call. 

My voice and sound offerings resonate with my own truth, which I speak boldly from my heart, as they are the symphonies of my soul. 

Every authentic sound practitioner crafts a distinctive journey and my sound journeys unlock the doorway to a truly one-of-a-kind experience each time for the individual. 

I present a gateway for you to authentically connect to yourself, to quieten the mind so that we can see what is hidden beneath the layers of distraction and avoidance. For us to see how we really feel, when we welcome in silence within stillness. Within this darkness we seek our inner light to reveal our truest truth. 

This truth is our offering to the healing frequencies we open ourselves to. For the waves of sound to draw away the weighted heavinesses of what we no longer need. My sound offerings are for us to shift and to soothe. It is a journey we travel through with the eyes of innocence. When the heart is open each journey will fill that space with an energy so wonderful that we find a sense of peace within our truth.

Come bathe in the colourful waves of magical harmonious bliss and discover solace in a sanctuary of symphonic vibrations. 

Sound Baths

I offer sound baths for public and private bookings, as well for retreats and as a 1-1 healing therapy.

My sound journeys are both in person and online, based in Essex and occasionally in London and beyond for corporate and private bookings.

Sound healing can be a truly magical addition to moments of significance throughout our earth lives. 

I have residences at two studios in Essex : A Fine Balance Studio in Upminster and The Yoga Factory in Southend.

My public bookable sessions are below.




SOUND JOurneys