Greetings, seekers of serenity. I am Caroline, a devoted practitioner and facilitator of the healing arts, dedicated to helping others discover their peace. 

Through a harmonious blend of sacred sound, yoga, meditation, healing therapies and the nurturing embrace of women’s circles I offer a sanctuary for those seeking restorative and healing practices.

My Apothecary is the home of herbal enchantment, where every offering is infused with the mystical energies of the moon and blessed with sacred intentions.

Journey into the heart of organic botanical wonder and explore my collection of herbal blends, cosmic kombucha and seasonal tinctures, teas and salves. 

Create your own spiritual spa with my aromatherapy oils and candles, transforming your space into a sensory sanctum of peace. 

Step into my realm of healing where ancient wisdom and modern practices meet to nurture and heal through blended therapies.

My menu of modalities work synergistically to offer a deeply personal journey of healing, applying a blend of somatic sound therapy, herbal healing, reflexology and energy healing.

If this resonates, I invite you to continue exploring and discover more about what I do.

My Story

I have always found solace and wonder in the rhythms of nature. Even at a young age, I was drawn to the healing energy that surrounded me, spending my days lighting candles and playing gentle tai chi music, heading outside to perch on my climbing frame to gaze at the trees swaying and the rustling whispers of our garden woods. 

As I grew older my healing journey deepened with the discovery of herbal remedies, with each cup of tea becoming a companion to my tree gazing times. 

I was drawn to gems and rocks, often holding them up like wands as I whispered to the skies, asking the weather to change for the better. I would gaze out upon oceans, lakes and rivers, recognising the instant calm they carried. 

From my earliest memories, music has been my constant. From studying, to playing, to writing, I have found solace and inspiration in harmonies and rhythms. Music has been a source of healing and joy, guiding me along a path of creative expression and journeying me to where I am today.